• General information

    The world needs innovative solutions to create a new future of sustainable energy. No one knows where or when the next successful solution will appear in this particular field. Projects and technologies that could change the world are developed globally, and “Moldova Eco Energetiсă” Competition, organized under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova’s patronage, is ready to recognize and reward these innovators of our time, present in all the sectors of the national economy.

    In the absence of own energy resources and increasing dependence on imports, rational use of traditional energy sources and the use of renewable energy is a strategic priority.

    Launched in 2012, “Moldova Eco Energetiсă” Competition aims to support the most important initiatives in the production, transmission, distribution and efficient use of energy, the implementation, development and promotion of modern technologies and innovations in the field.

    To make sure that none of those involved in promoting and using of traditional and alternative energy resources have been avoided, several award nominations have been introduced: Responsible Eco Stories, Responsible Eco Technologies and Responsible Eco Ideas.

    The competition is organized by the Energy Efficiency Agency at the initiative of the Energy and Biomass Project in the Republic of Moldova, financed by the European Union and co-financed, implemented by UNDP Moldova.

  • Coordination Board

      Ministry of Economy, at the Minister/Deputy Minister level – Octavian Calmâc, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy
      Energy Efficiency Agency – Mihail Stratan, director
      Energy Efficiency Fund – Octavian Crestin, director
      Ministry of Regional Development and Construction – Gheorghe Croitoru, head of the technical-economical regulation department
      Ministry of Education – Condruc Viorica, principal consultant, secondary vocational education and specialized education department
    2. Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry – Stahi Marcela, consultant in the department of ecological production and products of origin
      Ministry of Environment – Andrian Delinschi, Deputy Minister
      Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer – Roman Chircă
      UNDP Moldova director – Victor Cotruţă, “Energy and Biomass” Project manager
      Congress of Local Authorities in Moldova – Gheorghe Raileanu, mayor of Cimișlia
      Institute of Power Engineering – Vladimir Berzan, deputy director on scienceAssociation of Energy Consumers – Nicolae Mogoreanu, president